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2006-03-20 - 7:18 p.m.

I tell you what, I don't mind if recutting 80's film trailers as if they were romantic comedies (see: "Brokeback to the Future" et al) is the next big played-out thing, as long as they keep coming up with shit like this.

Today I was watching Cuba play Japan in the World Baseball Classic championship (the Cubans are losing as I type this), and I realized I make more playing chess than the Cuban players make playing baseball. If you ever find it on the SAT, the correct answer to chess : baseball :: ___________ is NOT Isaac Schapira : Cuban National Baseball Team.

On Saturday I went to a party at Jeremy's where I drank some Guinness and interacted in the most awkward way possible with my coworkers. Then on Sunday I had to meet some classmates in Union Square, so I made the most of the trip and hit up my old favorite B&H Dairy for some borscht. I also got a poppyseed hamentash from the kosher bakery down the street. Going to Union Square and moseying over to St. Marks for Jewish food used to be about my favorite thing to do in New York. It's good to get back to my roots, both on a short- and long-term timeframe.

I will be turning 24 on Sunday. Here are some other facts that involve the number 24:

-My favorite TV show is 24.
-The Friday before my birthday is March 24th.
-There are 24 cans of beer in a case.

I am going to be celebrating in a way that combines as many of these facts as possible. At first I planned to watch 24 with my roommates and drink every time Jack Bauer did something awesome, but we are young men and do not feel like throwing our lives away. We shall see what unfolds.

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